Final Report of Grant Expenditure

A final report of grant expenditure must be completed and returned to the Harry Sudakoff Foundation office once funds have been expended. If the organization wishes to extend the grant period, it must secure permission to do so by writing to the Foundation at the address below.

The Harry Sudakoff Foundation
c/o Tony Sangio
Philanthropic Administrator
Bank of America Private Bank
NC1-028-26-09, 150 North College St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

Please include the following information in the Final Report of Grant Expenditure:

  1. Organization Name, address, email address and website address
  2. Name of Foundation
  3. Amount of Grant
  4. Description of Grant
  5. Name and telephone number of person administering the grant
  6. A financial accounting of how the funds were expended, in addition to copies of receipts and invoices over $1,000. This should be presented in the form of your budget as shown in the original grant request. It should include Income and Expenses both Projected and Actual.
  7. Outcomes Measurement is a tool all agencies should use to ensure effectiveness of their programs. You must refer to the outcomes as listed in the grant contract and explain how this grant did or did not meet the outcomes.
    • Program/project goal: A broad statement that describes what you accomplished with the funding
    • Outputs: Direct products of program/project operation (e.g. number of classes taught, number of participants)
    • Outcomes: Benefit to participants during or after participation in the program/project.
  8. Provide an explanation of changes you are making or considering as a result of analyzing your outcomes measurement data.
  9. A candid assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the project. This evaluation will help us as a Foundation improve our grantmaking.
  10. Publicity generated from or for your organization about this award, if applicable (enclose newspaper clippings, newsletter articles, photos, etc.)

Completing this Final Report is a very important responsibility of a grantee. An incomplete, late, or missing report may delay opportunities to apply for grants in the future.