About the Foundation & Guidelines

The Edgar A. Thurman Charitable Foundation for Children was created pursuant to the Last Will and Testament of Edgar A. Thurman. The purpose and intent for which the Foundation was established is the care, feeding, clothing, shelter, welfare, training, education, health and comfort of needy and necessitous children in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Thurman Foundation Grant Selection Committee considers each application, taking into account, among other things, the purpose, intent, and other guidelines of the Foundation set forth in the Will of Edgar A. Thurman; local, state, and federal laws; comparative analysis of grant applications; and the total grant budget of the Foundation. Unfortunately, grants cannot be awarded to every organization that applies. Therefore, failure to receive a grant is not to be construed as a negative judgment concerning the activities of the organization. The application process for grants is highly competitive and the Selection Committee must rely on the information contained in the applications and on its collective judgment in making selections.


Geographic Focus:
Grants are made to eligible organization operating in the Commonwealth of Virginia with an emphasis on those serving western Virginia and the Roanoke Valley (i.e., Roanoke, Salem, and surrounding counties).

Types of Support:

  • Program Support
  • General Operating

Grants are not awarded for capital expenditures or debt reduction programs.

Eligibility Requirements:
General eligibility requirements of all organizations include:

  • Must be listed or entitled to be listed in GPO Publication 78, Cumulative List of Organizations.
  • Must have a specific program which carries out the purpose and intent of the Foundation.
  • Must have defined criteria using economic standards to determine needy and necessitous category of children.
  • If a prior recipient of a grant from the Foundation, must have complied with all conditions and requirements related to the grant.

Deadline Information:
Applications are due on or before February 15.

Grant Range:
The average grant size is between $2,000 and $10,000.

To Apply:
Review our Application Procedures and complete an online application. No applications will be accepted by e-mail, fax, delivery or regular mail.

Contact Information:
Please contact Allen Mast at SunTrust Bank: allen.mast@suntrust.com.