In Memorium: Sidney Shapiro

FEBRUARY 3, 2007
The Trio Foundation has lost one of our founding Board members and personal heroes. Sidney Shapiro died on February 3, 2007 after a brief illness. Sidney was an amazing man who helped to design the unique grantmaking program of the Trio Foundation in 1991 and has served as a valued and beloved Board member throughout these past 15 years.

Sidney had a distinguished history in the world of progressive Jewish philanthropy. His accomplishments include serving as the executive director of the Levinson Foundation and co-founder of the Jewish Funders Network, which honored his contribution to the field with the creation of The Sidney Shapiro Tzedakah Award in 1997. The award recognizes funders whose work embodies “the kind of tzedakah for which Sidney so passionately advocated, grantmaking that is creative, strategic, collaborative, innovative, forward-thinking, and responsive to tangible and urgent societal needs. It reflects both the meaning and the spirit of tzedakah (righteous giving) – out of Jewish responsibility, but performed with kindness of heart, generosity of spirit, and a commitment to social justice.”

Sidney was proud of the Trio Foundation and our efforts to exemplify the kind of strategic and collaborative philanthropy that he continually urged us to practice. Sidney’s memory and the spirit of tzedakah will continue to guide our grantmaking.


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