Application Procedures

NEW! The foundation recently added a Use of Funds Report Form to be used by all grantees to submit final reports at the end of their grant period. (This format can also be used by multi-year grantees to submit interim reports at the end of each year of their grant period.)

In 2015, the foundation moved to an online grant application process through the Bank of America website. All grant requests — single-year and multi-year — must be submitted here: Search for the foundation’s name on the drop down menu; this will take you to a link to the application form. Paper applications are no longer accepted.

The application narrative includes the following topics:

  • Description of Request
  • Purpose/Need
  • Description of Activities
  • Sustainability Plan
  • Challenges
  • Demographics of Populations Served
  • Program Financial Data
  • Goals & Outcomes
  • Organizational Financial Data

The application asks for the following attachments:

  • Board of Directors list
  • Organizational Summary
  • Organizational Budget
  • Project Budget
  • Other Funding Sources
  • Financial Statements
  • Staff list
  • IRS Determination Letter
Multi-Year Funding

To apply for a multi-year grant, please provide the same information described for a one-year grant, however include information about the projected goals and activities over a three year period. We recognize that the initial year will be described in greatest detail. Provide a projected three-year project budget, with greatest detail for the initial year. Instead of submitting full proposals for years two and three, recipients of a three-year grant must submit a year-end report that will be reviewed by foundation trustees. That report must include an actual year-end budget (income and expenses) for the reported grant period. Groups reporting on first and second year funding must also include a projected budget for the year ahead.

Proposal Deadlines

Requests are reviewed and grants awarded three times each year. Proposals must be received:

  • 2nd Monday of March (spring cycle)
  • 4th Friday of June (summer cycle)
  • 2nd Friday of October (fall cycle)