Application Procedure

To apply for a grant, applicants should submit a letter (1-2 pages) of inquiry. The letter should have a brief statement of the organization and a description of project for which funds are being requested. Proposals submitted without an initial letter of inquiry will not be reviewed.

If the Foundation is interested in considering the request, applicants will be asked to submit a second, more detailed application, limited to four pages, five (5) copies please, which should include the following:

  • brief description of the organization
  • description of the project–the need/problem, target population, proposed solution, etc.
  • profile of the people responsible for & directly involved in the project
  • method of determining project success relative to project objectives
  • the amount requested from the Foundation; amount asked of other organizations
  • detailed project budget
  • project duration and what happens to project when Foundation funding ends

In addition to the detailed letter, applicants are asked to furnish the following (one copy):

  • 501(c)(3) determination letter
  • organization’s current board of directors
  • organization’s annual report, audited financial statements
  • name/telephone number/e-mail address of the person to contact for additional information or to arrange a site visit.

The proposal should be signed & dated by the board chair or the executive director.


The Board of Directors meets each May and November for funding decisions. Grant applications received by February 15th will be considered in May, and by August 15th for consideration in November.

The Foundation regrets that not all requests for funding can be made and that not all good and worthy proposals will be awarded–our resources do not match the demand.

Contact the Wong Family Foundation to submit your application.