The A&J Family Foundation seeks improved health outcomes in our community through the growth of value-added, Integral Medicine-based healthcare services for medically underserved individuals and families in North Central Texas, where:

Value-added means improved quality, cost and efficiency;

Integral Medicine means medical practice that utilizes as complete and as comprehensive approach as possible, making room for the entire panoply of effective treatments across the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of human health and illness. Integral medicine is neither conventional nor complementary/alternative medicine, but draws upon the best of both as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, while remaining fully cognizant of the pragmatic realities of time constraints, insurance limitations, and office practicalities;

Medically Underserved means there are shortages of primary medical care, dental or mental health providers and may be geographic (service area), or demographic (low income, Medicaid-eligible populations, cultural and/or linguistic access barriers to primary medical care services).

The A&J Family Foundation is not accepting grant applications at this time.