Proposal Requirements


Proposals must be submitted in writing, including:

  1. A completed Application Questionnaire;
  2. Most-recent Audited financial statements;
  3. Current list of trustees and executive staff;
  4. If request is in support of a Project, please include a Project Budget, showing how the requested funds will be utilized, including other sources of funding;
  5. And a copy of the Internal Revenue Service letter confirming the organization’ s 501(c)3 status.
  6. If your organization uses a fiscal agent, then we need a letter of support from that agent, as well as the agent’s 501(c)3 exemption letter.

Proposal can be submitted electronically to [email protected] or mailed to:

Mrs. Samantha Crowley
The Bicknell Fund
1111 Superior Avenue, Suite 700
Cleveland, OH 44114

No faxed proposals will be accepted.


Within 3 weeks of the Trustees’ meeting, a letter will be mailed informing organizations whether their proposal was granted or denied.

The trustees request that all grants be acknowledged in writing. In addition, within 11 months receipt of a grant, the trustees request a post-grant one-page evaluation letter, including the extent to which the grant objectives were met, and any challenges along the way.