Application Questionnaire

These questions are part of the requirements for submitting a grant proposal to the Bicknell Fund. Copy these questions to any word processing program (like Microsoft Word). For your convenience, you may download these questions as a Microsoft Word document. Answer the questions completely.

  1. Organization Name:
  2. Approximately how many people are touched by the service, care, or aid of your organization annually? Explain:
  3. What is the mission of your organization?
  4. Does your organization have any current or upcoming capital campaigns?
  5. If a current campaign is in place, give the campaign’s funding goals and the percent of dollars already attained, as well as a list of foundation donors.
  6. Does your organization receive funding from sources other than donations (i.e. government support, United Way Services, Community Shares)? If so, what Percentage of your Revenue and Support is provided through government support? What Percentage through United Way Services and/or Community Shares?
  7. What percentage of your organization’s expenses are for
    • Payroll?
    • Administrative expenses?
    • Fundraising expenses?
  8. How many active board members are presently involved with your organization?
  9. How many of those board members donate to your Annual Fund?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire. This will help the Trustees understand more about your organization.