Funding Interests

Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector:

The Foundation supports:

  1. Organizations which build the capacity and infrastructure of New York City’s nonprofit sector and work to address issues of systemic inequity. Support is available for an organization’s own capacity building or for its capacity building activities on behalf of the field. Eligible organizations include:
    1. Organizations providing capacity building, management or technical assistance to nonprofits in New York City
    2. Organizations engaged in advocacy or public policy work on behalf of underserved communities in New York City
    3. Organizations supporting and working on behalf of membership agencies or a network of nonprofits
  2. Organizations working directly to build vibrant communities and to promote equity for underserved populations in New York City. Support is available for capacity building or capital projects. Priority organizations will meet the following criteria:
    1. Maintain an annual budget over $1 million
    2. Be able to demonstrate a proven record of success in achieving measurable outcomes
    3. Requesting support for capacity building efforts directly linked to long-term planning efforts
    4. Requesting support at a period of transformative organizational growth or at a critical juncture in the organization’s lifecycle

Guidelines for capacity building support:
The Foundation supports capacity building activities that build nonprofit infrastructure and sustainability, enabling organizations to achieve greater performance and impact. The Foundation supports activities to strengthen leadership and adaptive capacities, as well as management and technical capacities. Strong proposals will clearly articulate intended goals and a process for measuring capacity building outcomes. The Foundation does not provide general operating support or support for ongoing programs. Examples of capacity building activities supported by the Foundation include:

  • Adaptive Capacity – Strategic planning, organizational assessment, needs assessment, strategic plan implementation, program evaluation, collaborations and mergers
  • Leadership Capacity – Board development, professional leadership development and leadership transitions
  • Management and Technical Capacity – Human resources management, financial management, fundraising, marketing/communications and technology

Guidelines for capital support:
Capital campaigns and major capital improvement projects must have already met at least 50% of their fundraising goals in order to apply for support.