Changing the way evaluators & funders
work together to deepen social impact

Learning and evaluation — the “R&D” of the social sector — are critical functions for foundations seeking to maximize their impact. By supporting innovation, adaptation, and continuous improvement processes, learning and evaluation helps organizations get closer to the changes they seek.

At the same time, evaluation professionals working with and within philanthropy are experiencing a time of rapid evolution: growing complexity of philanthropic investments, foundations’ internal capacity constraints, and demand for learning-supportive skills and approaches. While ensuring a strong bench of evaluation professionals is critical to philanthropy, few mechanisms exist to support dialogue and capacity development across evaluators working in this sector.

Enter the Funder & Evaluator Affinity Network (FEAN).

Shared Goals of FEAN

  • FEAN brings together funders and evaluators to review the current state of evaluation in philanthropy;
  • identifies key opportunities and challenges in this field of practice;
  • works individually and collectively toward solutions that advance shared capacity on the part of evaluators working with, and within, philanthropy

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