Our History

France and the United States have been allies for centuries, beginning when the French supported American independence, and continuing until now, when these two societies share a common interest in advancing science, education, the arts and culture. In addition to common histories, both countries continue to be strong proponents of private and public efforts to improve their societies and those beyond their borders.

Until recently, however, it has been expensive and time consuming for Americans who want to give to French charities. In 2000, the Friends of Fondation de France was created by Fondation de France and Francis Charhon to make it easier and less costly for Americans to give to French charities. Along with Americans committed to supporting philanthropy to France, Dr. Charhon established an American charity, Friends of Fondation de France, which enables U.S. donors to receive the same tax advantages as when giving to any other charity in the United States. This also means fewer administrative hassles and enhanced accountability.

In September 2016, following Francis Charhon’s retirement, Axelle Davezac was named Directrice Générale of Fondation de France and President of Friends of Fondation de France.

Close ties to Fondation de France, one of the most well-known, reputable grant-making charities in France, offers American donors a vast array of projects to support in France and worldwide, with the added assurance that their donations will be wisely spent. To date, Friends of Fondation de France has received and granted nearly $32 million dollars to over 300 projects implemented by over 170 organizations.