Focus Areas

Through our close relationship with Fondation de France, the largest grant-making charity in France and its thousands of grantee organizations, Friends of Fondation de France helps Americans donate to charities in France and worldwide. We contribute to charities active in education, culture, social services, health and medical research, the sciences and the environment.

Most of the charities we support are based in France, but we occasionally support charities worldwide through our ties to the Fondation de France.


Friends of Fondation de France supports educational institutions, such as the Ecole Active Bilingue Jeannine Manuel in Paris, foundations and other organizations that seek to improve educational outcomes in a variety of settings. Past grants have been used for scholarships to support bilingual education, the construction of an arts and sciences center and curriculum development.


Through its diverse grantees, Friends of Fondation de France supports many exciting—and unique—cultural projects. The recipients of our funding, such as Les Amis du Festival d’Automne à Paris, Notre Dame Foundation, and La Cité de la Musique, have gone on to produce documentaries, hold art exhibits, master classes and arts festivals and develop theatrical productions. Friends of Fondation de France also supports the restoration of historic buildings.

Social Services

Friends of Fondation de France supports a variety of projects to help individuals and families in need. Past projects have funded community service days, helped families with their housing needs and assisted adults in coping with educational and professional problems. With ongoing support from FedEx, Friends of Fondation de France has supported an employment project to help youth and other disenfranchised individuals in France.

Health and Medical Research

In France and other locations internationally, Friends of Fondation de France supports vital health projects and innovative medical research. Friends of Fondation de France has made grants to support research on CADASIL, a hereditary stroke disorder, multiple sclerosis and diseases involving the kidney, as well as for COVID-19 relief.

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