Application Procedures

When applying to the Foundation, please follow the procedures below. Please review our Guidelines before applying.

Proposal Checklist

Please review the following checklist to ensure that the information necessary for consideration of your request is provided. Only one (1) copy of the information need be provided. At a minimum, please include the following information:

  1. Standard Form with all information requested. If an email address is not applicable, please provide a facsimile number if available.
  2. Brief history of the applicant organization. The discussion should include goals or values, accomplishments, and other information deemed appropriate by the applicant which may help the foundation to understand the applicant’s background.
  3. Description of the project for which funding is requested (please be very specific). Include a detailed discussion of the program or project, the program/project beneficiary(ies), how the beneficiary(ies) are selected by the organization, the duration and scope of the project, the manner in which the program/project will improve the education and quality of life of the beneficiary(ies), and importantly, the manner in which the organization and the program/project promote Christian values.
  4. Define the specific components of the project for which funding is required, including costs for each component.
  5. Provide an estimate of the total cost of the project, and specify the amount you are requesting from the Foundation. (The Foundation may elect to award a portion or all of the amount requested.)
  6. Provide a copy of a current operating budget and two (2) years audited financial statements for the organization.
  7. A list of the names, titles, and professional affiliations of directors, trustees, and officers of the organization.

Application Cover Sheet

Please complete our the application cover sheet and submit it with your application.

Additional Materials

You may include any additional information you feel will assist the Foundation in evaluating your request, but please limit the submittal to pertinent information. This may include brochures, supporting materials, further discussions, or other information at your discretion.

Submitting Your Application

When your complete application is ready for consideration, please mail all materials to:

Gabriele Family Foundation
C/O Haverford Trust Company
3 Radnor Corporate Center – Suite 450
Radnor, PA 19087

The Application Deadline is September 30th