Please include the following items in your organization’s request:

  1. Proposal (maximum of three pages) which includes:
    • Brief overview of the organization, including key target populations, numbers served, geographic scope, key accomplishments in the previous year)
    • Description of the project for which you are seeking support, including:
      • The issue or need you are addressing
      • What you hope to accomplish (outputs/outcomes)
      • How you intend to accomplish the above and a timeline for these activities
      • Brief bios of key staff engaged in the project, as well as a brief explanation of the roles of partners on the project (if applicable)
  2. Project budget
    • if it is a two-year request, please include a two-year projected budget
    • include a list of foundation, corporate and other support applied to the project budget
  3. Current fiscal year organizational budget
    • also include a projected budget for upcoming year (if available)
    • indicate if the organization has an endowment
      • quote the most recent value of the corpus
      • indicate if the funds are permanently restricted or board restricted
  4. List of foundation and corporate supporters
    • include a list of funders for the current fiscal year
    • also provide a list from the most recently completed fiscal year
    • include foundation and corporation names and amounts

All applications to the
Charles M. and Mary D. Grant Foundation
must be submitted online.

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