The Foundation’s mission is to provide grants to charitable and public organizations, tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). Grants will be provided to assist in health care, medical research, education, and community projects serving the community at large, all within the boundaries of Utah with emphasis placed along the Wasatch Front.

Please direct all correspondence to:

Val A. & Edith D. Green Foundation, Inc.
110 West Broadway
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


  • Trustees will not consider anything that is illegal, involves self dealing, small grant recipients who provide minimum benefit to the community, political/action groups, and/or recipients outside of the State of Utah.
  • The grants are limited to the Utah area and are not to include any foreign recipients.
  • The grant committee will receive all applications and communications from applicants.
  • Grant committee will select a committee member to work with a specific grant applicant.
  • Grant committee will require financial statements audited, or compiled by a Certified Public Accountant once the grant has been awarded.
  • The grant committee will consider solicitations and invitation only from applicants.
  • Applications will need to be resubmitted after one year.


The Foundation considers grant applications only from public charities as defined under the Internal Revenue Code and applicable regulations. Applicants must obtain a 501(c)(3) letter and provide a copy of the letter or a legal opinion certifying that the applicant is a public charity as described in section 509 (a)(1), (2), or (3). Preference will be given to local charities located along the Wasatch Front in Utah.

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