Personal Stories

Cleveland Botanical Garden

The Kuszewski Family shares their experience of the CBG

One of my family’s favorite treasures of living near Cleveland is spending a morning, or afternoon, or entire day at the Cleveland Botanical Garden.  The CBG is our “home away from home” for me, my two and a half year old son, Alexander, our 8 month old Christian, my husband and even my parents! I have been enjoying the children’s garden with Alexander since he was a newborn, and it truly is his extended back yard. In the warm weather of spring, summer through fall, we will spend hours outdoors in the garden. My son loves hiking on adventures through the secret, beautiful pathways around the fish pond and little stream, peering for frogs and turtles.  Then we will sit on the fish dock to feed the goldfish or simply watch their golden flashes of colors through the water.

What my husband and I love about the botanical gardens is that it’s a fabulous, fun, engaging place for our sons to play and explore, while we all are surrounded by sheer beauty and peace.  Our children will grow up with a deep love for nature, feeling connected to our planet as well as the cultural gems of our great city!

Stonebrook Montessori

The Sabir Wilcox Family shares their experience at Stonebrook Montessori

Mecca was in the pilot preschool class at Stonebrook Montessori and is now in first grade.  When we initially applied to become a part of the pilot class, Mecca had been attending a traditional daycare center, and I already saw her beginning to avoid academics.  We wanted her to be excited about learning.  With Stonebrook opening in Glenville, right around the corner from where I grew up, we decided to take that step and try a different direction with Mecca.

Initially, we saw Mecca washing a lot of windows!  We wondered how this would help her.  Over time, though, we’ve seen how those skills apply to what Mecca does in her work now.  And Mecca’s excited about learning now too.  She’s constantly looking at words, building sounds.  She’s excited about the materials in her classroom—the Moveable Alphabet, the golden beads.  She has enthusiasm for her work, and I love to see this.  I want her to keep that enthusiasm, to keep aiming higher.  We want Mecca to aim high, to stay curious, to be open.  Stonebrook can give her that, and I’m thankful for it.

Hershey Montessori School

The Hull Family shares their experience of the Hershey Montessori School

When I enrolled my oldest child at Hershey Montessori, my plan was to keep her there for her preschool (Primary) years only, fully anticipating to transition her into public school when the time came. My daughter is now entering fifth grade (Upper Elementary) at Hershey, my son is entering second grade (Early Elementary), and my youngest starts her Primary schooling this fall. My plan has gloriously failed, and I couldn’t be more surprised and pleased. Hershey Montessori has opened my eyes to the fact that one size does not fit all in education. Hershey Montessori provides an environment that supports the unique learning styles of each of my children. I’ve witnessed my children grow and thrive at Hershey Montessori in ways I never knew existed. I’m grateful my children have the opportunity to learn the teachings of Maria Montessori.