Since 1990, the Jovid Foundation has proudly helped to support some of Washington DC’s most dedicated workforce development organizations in providing low-income, at-risk adults with the skills training and opportunities to get and keep full time jobs to drive toward becoming self-sufficient.

With a combined sense of sadness and pride, the Jovid Board decided that the Foundation will discontinue its grant-making activities in August 2017.

Through the years Jovid provided more than $10 million in grants to more than 225 grantees helping to provide a new start for adults mired in poverty with seemingly no way out. These grants helped to provide the support, training, care and guidance that at-risk individuals need to start climbing the ladder to self-reliance. Thousands of DC adults have successfully entered the workforce with support from Jovid grantees.

We are grateful to have worked with so many wonderful organizations, foundations, government agencies, and businesses over the years. We believe that the passion, spirit of collaboration and energy embodied in this community will continue to help break the cycle of poverty for many of Washington DC adults who need support and training to obtain and retain employment.

Explore more than a quarter century of Jovid grantmaking: