FOUNDATION PURPOSES: The Kawabe Memorial Fund is a private foundation established under the will of Harry S. Kawabe. The purposes of the foundation are set forth in his will, which require grants to be awarded in the three following categories:

  1. Human Services: General operating and project support for institutions and social service agencies devoted to the care of indigent, children, and aged persons.
  2. Religious Institutions: Capital grants to churches for improvement of physical facilities. (Most grants are to churches in the city of Seattle.) Scholarships for training of teachers, priests and ministers.
  3. Alaska Scholarships: Scholarships to selected graduating students of Seward High School in Seward, Alaska. (Scholarships are not awarded to individuals in other schools or regions, and individual students may not apply directly to the foundation.)

GEOGRAPHICAL RESTRICTION. With the exception of the Seward scholarships, most grants are awarded to agencies and churches in the Seattle/King County area.

AVERAGE GRANT SIZE. $5,000 to $10,000.