The Emily Davie and Joseph S. Kornfeld Foundation was established by Emily Davie Kornfeld in 1979. The Foundation was the principal beneficiary of her estate upon her death in 1989.

Mrs. Kornfeld’s personal philanthropy supported medical research in the control and treatment of pain, as well as efforts directed at enhancing individual choice in medical treatment and dying.

In the last decade the Foundation’s interests have covered bioethics, palliative care, medical research and education.

“Passionate about how patients with chronic pain and illness are treated and their right to make choices in medical care, Emily Kornfeld was determined to make a difference. She was outraged at the way the medical system in the United States can swallow up a person’s choices. A real dynamo, she threw her full support into early efforts to respect advance directives.”Christopher C. Angell


The Board of the Kornfeld Foundation has appointed a new Executive Director, Katy Clark, to begin February 1, 2021. She will continue the Foundation’s focus on the ethics and equity of human relationships.