Grant Application Procedure

The Trustees meet several times a year, and the Contributionship accepts and processes applications for grants throughout the year.

For our June 19, 2020 meeting the Trustees will be giving priority to capital proposals that meet our guidelines from non-profits that are currently providing direct service to individuals most impacted by the Corona Virus. The submitted proposal should be ready to start right away.

We prefer that applications be submitted online. Please follow the link below to start the process:


To access an application you have already started. Please follow the link below to resume the process:


Effective March 1, 2018 in order to submit a proposal or progress report you will need to make sure that your operating system and browsers have been upgraded so they are compatible with our online application service. Please click the link below to see the requirements.


If you choose not to submit online: The Contributionship accepts the common grant application form of Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia.

Application also can be made by a letter, which describes and justifies the project. A budget and timetable is required as well as a strategy for securing funding. Financial commitment by a charity’s trustees to a project is an important indicator for the Contributionship.

A financial statement for the latest year should accompany each application in addition to interim operating statements or budgets for future periods if appropriate. Evidence of tax-exempt status is required plus a list of officers and directors. Information about funds raised and whether the Board has committed any funds towards the project should also be included.

Applications will be carefully reviewed by the Trustees. If, in their judgment, the project falls within the framework of current priorities, more detailed information may be requested as well as a meeting or an on-site visit.

The Contributionship does not fund the costs or expenses of existing staff allocated to a project it is asked to support.

In addition, we ask that those organization who have received a grant, rest for a calendar year (a year without a grant payment), before submitting a new proposal. This means for example if you got a grant payment in 2020 your organization would rest for 2021, and then they could come back with another capital request in 2022. Those organizations who have had a proposal declined need to wait a calendar year before submitting another proposal. For example if you were declined March 2020, your organization would wait, and then come back with another capital request in March 2021.

Mailed applications should be directed to:

Sandra L. McLean
Executive Director
The McLean Contributionship
230 Sugartown Road, Suite 30
Wayne, PA 19087

For timely consideration, applications must be received no later than six weeks before the next meeting of the Board of Trustees:

  • February 8, 2021 [for the March 22, 2021 meeting]
  • June 2021 [Date to be determined]
  • September 2021 [Date to be determined]
  • December 2021 [Date to be determined]

The recipient of a grant is expected to make periodic status reports as well as a detailed accounting of all disbursements at the conclusion of the project. Please follow the link below to submit your progress report online: