In accordance with the terms of the original trust indenture there are five voting Trustees — who serve without compensation. In addition, Advisory Trustees have been added to the board from time to time to serve without compensation to enhance the expertise of the board in the various categories of its grant-making activities. They are:

Sandra L. McLean

Trustee since 2010, Advisory Trustee from 1992 until 2010, has served as Secretary since 1996, and as Executive Director since 2000, and Vice Chairman since 2010.

John F. Bales

Elected Trustee 2013, Advisory Trustee from 2011-2012, has served as Chairman since 2016.

Otis Bullock, Jr.

Trustee since 2018, Advisory Trustee from 2016-2017

Diana McLean Liefer

Trustee since 2011, Advisory Trustee from 2010-2011.

Wendy W. McLean

Elected Trustee 2015.

Advisory Trustee:

Stephen Holt

Elected Advisory Trustee 2017.

Martha H. Morris

Elected Advisory Trustee 2018.

Marrea D. Walker-Smith

Elected Advisory Trustee 2018.

Emeritus Trustee:

Jean G. Bodine

Elected as Emeritus Trustee 2013, after serving as Trustee from 1985-2012.

Former Emeritus Trustees:

Former Emeritus Chairman:

William L. McLean, III

(Elected as Chairman Emeritus 2010 – died 2011) after serving as Trustee since 1954, as Secretary from 1957 until 1980, and as Chairman from 1984 until 2010.

Former Emeritus Trustees:

John H. Buhsmer

(Elected as Emeritus Trustee 1997 – died 2003) after serving as Secretary since 1980 and as Trustee since 1985 and as President since 1989.

R. Jean Brownlee

(elected as Emeritus Trustee 1992 – died 1995), after serving as Trustee since 1972.

Former Chairman:

Will McLean

(Elected Chairman 2010 – died 2015) served as Trustee since 1997 and Vice Chairman from 2000 until 2010.

Former Trustee:

Joseph K. Gordon

Served as Trustee from 1971 until 2010.

Carolyn M. Raymond

Served as Trustee from 1992 until she died 2017.

Former Advisory Trustees:

Leila Gordon

Served as Advisory Trustee from 1992 until 2010.

Hunter Gordon

Served as Advisory Trustee from 1997 until 2010, and Assistant Secretary from 2005 until 2010.

Susannah G. McLean

Served as Advisory Trustee from 2012-2015.