The Edwin Phillips Foundation is a charitable trust established under the will of Edwin Phillips. The Foundation’s overall focus is the needs of physically or mentally disabled children up to and including age 21 of families that are experiencing financial challenges. The primary, but not exclusive, focus is to enable such children to live in their homes.

The Foundation Trustees are directed to benefit: first, physically or mentally disabled children residing in the Town of Marshfield, Massachusetts and second, to the extent funds are available, children residing in Plymouth County, Massachusetts.


Up to and including age 21

The Trustees are directed to benefit handicapped children – up to the age of 22.

Recipients must be residents of the Town of Marshfield, MA or of Plymouth County, MA.


  1. The Foundation may fund proposals to:
    1. Individual recipients for prosthetic appliances, wheelchairs, beds or other forms of physical or educational assistance, provided there are no other funds, public or private, available for the needs of such individuals, and
    2. Social service agencies serving the needs of handicapped children.
  2. Each grant made by the Foundation, however, must be made for a charitable purpose as described in sections 180(c) and 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. 
  3. The Foundation does not make grants for pure research; research programs may only be supported if they are carried out as an integral part of a program receiving support from the Foundation.


Applications are due:

  • January 1st
  • April 1st
  • July 1st, and
  • October 1st

Board of Trustees

  • Rick Fontana – Chair
  • Kathleen Maresco
  • Donna R. Admirand
  • Ned Bangs
  • Walter B. Sullivan

The decisions of the Foundation are made by the Board of Trustees.