About the CMQ Foundation

For more than 20 years, through grants ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, the Cyrus M. Quigley Foundation has had the privilege of learning about and contributing to the work of organizations making a difference in young people’s lives. The Foundation has included three generations of Quigley relatives, the youngest knowing Cyrus primarily through photographs and stories, but also through this legacy of helping to provide opportunities to others. We look forward to seeing this positive legacy grow in the years ahead.

Our Mission

Cyrus M. Quigley demonstrated a commitment to live a courageous life and to help others in that pursuit. Mr. Quigley believed that a courageous life includes the attributes of initiative, self-reliance, self-respect, a sense of humor, and a dedication to effecting positive change in the lives of others.

Mr. Quigley also believed that these attributes are best developed by testing one’s limits and questioning assumptions about oneself and the larger world.

The Cyrus M. Quigley Foundation seeks to create opportunities for individuals to develop these qualities or foster them in others. The Foundation focuses on experiences that emphasize physical challenge and service to others.