The Regirer Foundation was established in 2014 by the late Walter W. and Maria Teresa Regirer to provide funding for tax-exempt organizations located in the Commonwealth of Virginia who provide support to the residents of Greater Richmond and Central Virginia.

Maria  and Walter Regirer

Maria and Walter Regirer

During their lives, the Regirers operated several nursing homes around Richmond, including the venerable Mrs. Plyler’s, University Park and Windsor Nursing Home. Mr. Regirer, an attorney, also became an acknowledged expert in health law, aging, Medicare and Medicaid issues; serving on several national and state boards and commissions, including President of the Virginia Health Care Association, Vice President and General Counsel of the Virginia Medicare and Medicaid Council, director of the Capital Area Agency on Aging, and the Capital Area Health Advisory Council. He was a member of the Governor’s Advisory Board on Aging (1986-1990) and the Governor’s Task Force on Medical Response Disaster Planning (1988). The Regirers were advocates of continuing education in matters related to health care.