John Dawes

Posted on January 30, 2015

Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds
Safeguarding Clean Water for the Future

A longtime leader in the region’s watershed repair and conservation efforts, John Dawes is executive director of the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds (FPW). FPW provides seed money—mostly for abandoned mine reclamation—to environmental and watershed organizations, enabling them to access matching funds through local, state, and federal agencies. These agencies have provided more than $110 million to clean and restore contaminated and degraded waters in western Pennsylvania that drain from abandoned coal mines or carry pollutants from eroding stream banks and urban areas. A $725,000 grant from the Foundation in 2014 aided FPW’s efforts to help watershed groups enhance their operations and improve water quality within the region.

In addition to his leadership of FPW, Mr. Dawes is a gubernatorial appointee to and chairman of the Citizens Advisory Council for the Chesapeake Bay Commission, and a member of the Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable. In 2007, in recognition of his efforts to promote the re-authorization of the Pennsylvania Abandoned Mine Lands Campaign Fund, which will bring more than $1 billion to abandoned mine reclamation efforts, Mr. Dawes received a Conservation Leadership Award from the Pennsylvania Conservation Commission. More recently, his work garnered awards from the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Professionals and the U.S. Department of the Interior. His efforts to preserve, protect, and restore the state’s watersheds help ensure clean water for future generations of citizens and wildlife.