Dr. John M. Wallace

Posted on January 31, 2015

Homewood Children’s Village
Nurturing Students’ Success

As a founder of Homewood Children’s Village (HCV) and president of its board of trustees, John M. Wallace has been instrumental in leading the change that is happening throughout Homewood. Working in partnership with nearly 50 local and national organizations, HCV operates social service programs designed to help children from Homewood and surrounding underserved neighborhoods achieve success as adults. Among its services, HCV provides the community’s children with early childhood education, coordinated offerings in their schools, including tutoring and mentoring initiatives, as well as nutritional meals, transportation to attend extended school-day and summer programs, and access to campus tours and other college and career preparation support. A Foundation grant of $750,000 enables HCV to reduce suspensions, improve grades, and promote academic and social development for 1,000 students.

In addition to his leadership role in HCV, Dr. Wallace is the Philip Hallen Professor of Community Health and Social Justice at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work, where he researches social issues that disproportionately impact economically disadvantaged children, families, and communities.

He also is president of Operation Better Block’s board of trustees, and the senior pastor and a member of the board of Bible Center Church, which was founded by his grandparents, Ralph and Bernice Groce, nearly six decades ago. In both his personal and professional endeavors, Dr. Wallace has been instrumental in improving the quality of life for Homewood’s students and all those who call the community home.