Application Procedure

The Roosa Fund invites applications from eligible organizations whose missions, priorities and interests match the Fund’s guidelines and its current giving interests and priorities. Please review the complete Grant Guidelines to determine if your organization and project would be considered for support.

All organizations, including those we or the predecessor Roosa Family Foundation have funded in the past, must contact the Fund Administrator by email or telephone to discuss their eligibility for support and the ideas related to their program or need for funding. The Administrator will provide complete Grant Guidelines and schedule a pre-application meeting.

Based on the pre-application meeting, the Fund Administrator makes the initial determination of whether the organization is eligible to submit a grant request. If your organization is authorized to proceed, we will provide you with our complete application procedure and instructions.

First-time applicants will be invited to prepare a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) presenting your organizational and programmatic qualifications for support from the Roosa Fund. One required attachment for a LOI is a copy of your organization’s Internal Revenue Service determination letter of 501(c)(3) status. To qualify for a grant, the letter must state that your organization has also received a Section 509(a)(1), 509(a)(2) or 170(b)(1)(a) designation from the IRS, and also state that it is not a private foundation.

The Fund does not make grants to governmental organizations, with the specific exception of Block Island quasi-governmental organizations that could stand alone as exempt organizations in the areas of affordable housing, health care and the environment.

We will acknowledge receipt of your Letter of Inquiry. We may ask for additional information to complete our review. Once the review is completed, we will notify you whether or not your organization is qualified to receive a grant from the Roosa Fund. Approval of a LOI is not a guarantee or promise that we will approve your future grant requests. We may, however, authorize you to submit both a LOI and a proposal at the same time, and review them concurrently, to expedite your grant request.

Once your organization’s LOI has been approved, you may contact the Fund Administrator for authorization to submit grant requests at any time during the year. The Administrator and Advisory Committee review Letters of Inquiry and proposals with their supporting documents as they are received.

In all cases, grant requests should be submitted to the Roosa Fund only upon invitation after consultation with the Fund Administrator.

For a grant request of $5,000 or less, a one-page Grant Application Form including a one-paragraph summary of the request is all that is required. Attach any updates to organizational background information that has changed since we approved your Letter of Inquiry. (A portion of the Roosa Fund’s total grant budget can be used for grants of $5,000 or less.)

For a grant request of more than $5,000, a complete Project Proposal will be requested. The Project Proposal includes the application form, a narrative, a budget, and financial information, along with updated organizational background information.

After you submit your grant request, we will acknowledge its receipt. We may ask you to elaborate on parts of your application or ask for additional information to complete our review. We will notify you if your request has been approved.

Please note that this page contains only a summary of the full application procedure. The Fund Administrator will provide complete instructions to organizations invited to submit Letters of Inquiry and Project Proposals.

Please contact Patrick Tengwall, the Fund Administrator, at [email protected] or by calling (401) 525-0506 to schedule a pre-application meeting or with any questions on this procedure. Pat’s office is in the Profiles Business Center on Corn Neck Road, Block Island.