Welcome to the Salomon Family Foundation

The Salomon family, building on its heritage and life experiences, formed this foundation dedicated to lessening human suffering through healing and learning.

When it was established in 1996, the focus of the Salomon Family Foundation was the treatment of child abuse, with a special emphasis on sexual abuse.

Since then, the Foundation has broadened its charter to support additional causes and avenues of charitable giving, such as:

  • Food security
  • Climate change
  • Protecting the Environment

The Foundation has also supported a number of local charities and organizations that are particularly meaningful to family members.

The Salomon Family Foundation requires economic stability and programmatic success, as documented by past results. Organizations that apply for grants must also provide convincing evidence that supports both its credibility with and specific understanding of the clients and communities it serves.

To see examples of the types of projects and organizations supported currently and in the past by the foundation, please visit the websites for the following grantees: