About Vincent Stark

A photograph of Vincent Stark taken in Paris during World War II

The Vincent J. Stark Foundation was established in 2014 as the bequest of Vincent Stark (1925-2013). Vincent was born on the near west side of Cleveland, Ohio. His father was a pharmacist and died when Vincent was quite young. He was raised by his Mom, Agnes, and his maternal grandparents.

He loved drawing and hoped to attend art school. However, he was drafted during WWII, participated in the Normandy invasion, and later deployed to Germany. Following the war, he returned home to his Mom and grandparents and obtained a job as a lithographer. Painting and drawing were put on the back burner. In the 1950’s, his Mom bought a house near Brooklyn, Ohio. Vincent resided there with his Mom and widowed Aunt Lucille for the rest of their lives.

A very meticulous man who loved a quiet, structured life, he would spend many hours in the basement drawing and painting for his own pleasure. He rarely shared his gift with others. However, he did draw or paint a Christmas card each year for the mail carrier who did not know who the artist was. She was extremely surprised when she found out he was the artist. Luckily, she had saved every card.

Throughout their home there were pads of paper with drawings on them. In retirement he spent hours drawing and painting, so he did not need any other entertainment. He was very frugal for himself, but contributed to numerous charities. Thus, in his final months, he created this Foundation to help others, and provide scholarships to students who shared his love of art.