Foundation Focus

The Trio Foundation funds organizations that serve young children and their families in the San Francisco East Bay Area (Alameda and Contra Costa counties).

The primary focus of the Trio Foundation is to provide opportunities for young children of all cultures, who are growing up in poverty, to achieve their fullest and brightest potential. We believe that supporting children during their early childhood years (birth to age 8) provides optimal opportunities for their continued healthy development. We are especially interested in projects that strengthen low-income families with young children and that enhance the ability of caregivers to foster children’s innate gifts and talents across the early childhood years.

We believe that the true experts on problems facing young children of low-income families are members of the communities in which they live. Therefore, we support organizations that maximize local community participation and management and provide accountability to the population being served.

As one of many Jewish family foundations, Trio’s secondary focus is to fund projects sponsored by Jewish organizations that serve Jewish children in need or that serve a multi-cultural clientele.